Erik Thomas

Erik Thomas was born in Erie, PA and grew up in Waterford, PA, a town 9 miles south of Erie. As a child, his interest peaked in music through his father. His father was a fan of rock and roll from the 60’s and 70’s. His father would always quiz Erik on the bands that would be playing asking him who was the band. In high school, Erik started writing poetry. He always dreamed of becoming a singer and poetry would increase his thirst for music. He joined his first band with Phil Coleman when they were teenagers. The band didn’t last long. Erik joined the army in his early twenties and did not have any other projects until after the military. When Erik left the military, he met with a man that had been recording his own materials without vocals. He laid vocal tracks over the material and this reinstated his urge to follow his career in music. He then contacted Phil Coleman to form another band. This Project was called “Victims…Aren’t We All.” Through Victims, he met the band “Harmonic desolation.” James and Erik then recruited Austin Gabbard, and after many drummers finally was able to get Phil Coleman into the project.

James Scutella

James was born in Erie, PA to a loving family. His father was also a musician who worked in radio and nurtured James’ passion for music. From a young age, James learned to play drums and later guitar. Through high school and into his early adult life he had a total of 5 bands. James played drums in his band, “Harmonic Desolation,” which was his project previous to BOTJ. This project also involved BOTJ member Austin Gabbard. Unfortunately, this band eventually broke up but not before meeting another local band named “Victims… Aren’t We All.” This band contained the other 2 members of BOTJ Erik Thomas and Phil Coleman. James and Erik quickly became friends after meeting. Eventually, Erik asked James to start a band with him. James decided to play guitar instead of drums for this project and continues to dedicate his efforts to becoming better at guitar and continually pouring his heart and soul into everything he makes.

Austin Gabbard

Austin met members James Scutella through the band “Harmonic Desolation.” The band had been missing a bass player. Josh Reynolds and Chris Hoag had taught Austin how to play Bass Guitar at age 26 and he picked up the craft fairly easy. The band did not last long before he was displaced and had no band again. He was then approached by Erik and James to form a new band of brothers, so to speak. Austin had no rig at the time so the band found one for him and practice started. He later purchased his own and continued to learn and grow as a musician with BOTJ.

Phillip Coleman

Phil grew up in Erie, PA and started learning drums at age 9. His mother had always been involved in the music community and he gained a passion for music from her. Throughout the years, Phil had been in many bands including a band with Erik Thomas during their teenage years. He then experimented with different bands and genres always playing the drums. Years later Phil and Erik’s paths crossed again and they then formed the band “Victim’s… aren’t we all.” This band met an early demise which led to a band he started with friends called “Uncle Tony’s Pizza Shop.” Easy listening music was a great outlet but eventually, he found his way back to the metal genre and joined BOTJ.

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